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Burst pipes

BURST PIPES Leak Detection 

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BURST PIPES Leak Detection 
• Our equipment can detect and locate leaks without causing major damage to the existing structure And fabric of the Building 
• All Our Employees are Fully Trained and Insured 
• We will respond to all call outs in our area within 24 Hours 

Burst Pipe? Haw to stop water leaking out?

1. Switch off water supply to the leaky pipe and fitting. If you don't know its location simply switch water supply to the entire home. 
2. Turn on cold taps to drain the system.
3. Turn off water heating systems.
4. Turn on hot water taps to drain the system.
5. A leaking pipe in close proximity to electrical appliances is dangerous. Switch off the mains immediately. 
6. If possible, try looking for the hole from which water is escaping. Seal the hole with gapless tape. Apply pressure with a piece of rubber secured to the gapless tape. 

To stave off further damage to your property it is best to call BURST PIPES Leak Detection 

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